Potential customers must be able to find you.
Web Site Promotion

Having a well designed, properly functioning site is only the first step. Potential customers must be able to find your site in order to do business with you over the Internet.

Listing your site on the Internet in search engines and directories is the primary way to promote your site. Most people on the Internet go to a search engine and enter a short keyword phrase to find what they're interested in. The resulting sites that come back are the ones they visit.

In addition to search engine programming, there are many other cost-effective ways that will greatly help you promote your site. For example; it's best to advertise it in as many media as possible, when advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, mailers or brochures make sure to talk about your site and list the URL. Print the URL on your business cards, letterhead and billhead. Make sure the font used to list your URL is large and easy to read. Avoid fancy scripts and fonts that may look nice but are difficult to read.

Promote your site by offering special coupons that are only available from your web site. Put a sign by your cash register or on your counter telling your customers to visit your site for the latest news or best specials.

Consider adding a brief monthly newsletter to your site. It should provide helpful information and tips that will help your clients improve their business or quality of life. By publishing the newsletter only on your site (and not in hard print) it will draw clients to your site, and you'll also save the cost of printing and mailing your newsletter which can be a substantial amount.

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